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IAG Sub-Commission 4.1
Emerging Positioning Technologies and GNSS Augmentation


Terms of Reference

To undertake, promote and report on research that leverages emerging positioning techniques and technologies aiming to address practical and theoretical solutions for positioning, navigation and guidance, including spatio-temporal monitoring and tracking of objects at various scales.

The focus will be on multi-sensor cooperative systems operating in adverse GNSS conditions for transportation, personal mobility, industrial and indoor positioning applications and to a lesser extent environmental monitoring.

Except GNSS, the primary sensors of interest include inertial and wireless technologies as well as vision-based systems and laser scanning. SC 4.1 will foster linkages and pursue its goal in close collaboration with other IAG Entities, as well as sister scientific and professional organizations, primarily the ISPRS, FIG, ION and IEEE.


 • To address and evaluate new algorithms and multi-sensor systems for cooperative and ubiquitous positioning for land and airborne navigation applications including UAV systems.

• To examine the potential and capabilities of low-cost sensors including GNSS systems and smartphone navigation sensors.

• To follow the technical advances in wireless systems such as RFID, UWB, WiFi, LED, DSRC for personal mobility and road applications.

• To evaluate the usability of emerging positioning technologies for urban traffic navigation and improved routing using collaborative driving systems and crowdsourcing traffic information.

• To study vision-based and optical systems including cameras and laser scanning both for navigation and object tracking and monitoring purposes.

• To contribute in research that depends on big data handling, sensor synchronization, data fusion, real-time processing as well as to support standardization activities.

• To study and monitor the progress of new multi-sensor applications, as well as, to support and promote knowledge exchange and reporting on the development trends, possibilities and limitations of emerging positioning technologies.

• To work closely, promote and present through publications and workshops the SC work at IAG events and those of sister organizations including the FIG, ISPRS, IEEE, ION, as well as, in collaboration with more specialized initiatives such as the EU COST Action SaPPART.

Commitee Members

Steering Committee

Chair: Vassilis Gikas (Greece)

Co-chair: Günther Retscher (Austria)

Secretary: Harris Perakis (Greece)

Working Groups Chairs

WG 4.1.1: Allison Kealy (Australia)

WG 4.1.2: Kefei Zhang (Australia)

WG 4.1.3: Jens-Andre Paffenholz (Germany)

WG 4.1.4: Laura Ruotsalainen (Finland)

Working Groups Vice-Chairs

WG 4.1.1: Günther Retscher (Austria)

WG 4.1.2: Ruizhi Chen (USA)

WG 4.1.3: Corinna Harmening (Austria)

WG 4.1.4: Fabio Dovis (Italy)